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My Obsession with the C - Word.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Alright, you got me. I’m addicted. Sometimes I have such a hard time admitting I have an addiction to the dreaded c-word… coffee. I’m obsessed with it. I am so obsessed with it in fact that when I wake up in the morning it’s honestly the first ‘thing’ I look forward to after saying hello to my husband and two dogs. I run to my espresso machine (act like I’m rummaging around for the breakfast supplies to cook us breakfast) and grab my bag of espresso grounds and just take in a giant sniff of coffee-bean-goodness. YUM. Morning time wouldn’t be the same without it- nor could I function without it.

So why am I bringing up my obsession with coffee as a blog post? I will tell you why in a moment. First, I want you to take a minute and think about something during your day that brings you joy- not something like randomly thinking of puppies or that time you saw Chris Pratt in Jurassic Park (#sorrynotsorry). I mean, something in your daily routine that you experience every day that brings you joy–that warm feeling of “I’m okay in this crazy world, and I’m happy”. This ‘something’ I’m talking about should make you feel like you NEED it every day to be happy. Mine is my cup of coffee, and when I don’t get it- I feel like I’m going to fall apart and I’m pretty grumpy. No bueno.

I think this idea we have associated with ‘one thing’ or ‘several things’ in our day needed for our sanity and happiness is a cop out. Yep, I said it. Granted, if I don’t have coffee I will probably have a headache, yes. I mean, emotionally a cop out. As humans I think we have to have something to look forward to, each day, in order to feel fulfilled. That ‘something’ we look forward to is familiar, safe and it’s just EASY. When we lose it, or don’t get what we want… we feel like we’re ‘off’ or falling apart.

So this is my challenge.

Try something new. Switch up your ‘something’ that makes you feel good everyday- that NEED you have. I think if we have a back-up when things go awry (and the coffee machine breaks), we ultimately have a plan knowing that because we NEED this ‘thing’ or specific ‘moment’ to find small joy, we can function without it. It becomes shapable and moldable to make us emotionally stronger and bigger than that one ‘thing’.

News FLASH. I tried this and it worked. I tried pretending like my beloved coffee machine or espresso maker was broken. What did I do, when this happened? Well, at first my mind immediately went to Starbucks. I stopped in my mental cloud of ridiculous $10 lattes, and backtracked. How would going there give me joy? I was simply replacing making my drink with a longer drive where I would spend more money and frantically scramble on my way into work. I stopped. I needed to find something of value for this same amount of time I could fall back on instead of making my coffee in the morning. I could grab a cup of coffee in the office and I would live. Would it taste the same, no…but it would do and I would be just fine. I decided instead of being able to make coffee, I would spend those extra 5 minutes just enjoying my husband’s company over breakfast. Trivial, maybe.. but it was WONDERFUL. I felt so great about my day getting to spend the extra time with him (our time together is limited), I forgot how much I relied on my coffee time in my morning. It’s little moments like that that change the way we perceive how we FIND and LOOK at true JOY.

Joy comes in all forms, and I know everyone is different. I challenge you to reflect on those little moments in your daily routine and switch it up. You’ll be happy you did. Realizing what can make us happy in small ways moves mountains. I can’t wait to hear how you spent your time, or what your ‘back-ups’ are for when things go south when you may otherwise might find yourself in a rut. Life’s full of little moments of pure happiness, we just have to look sometimes a little harder to find them.


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