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Farm Fresh Blueberry Pancakes

I'm so excited to have this new category in our blog! I absolutely love food and love showing others how easy it can be to incorporate wholesome ingredients! Creating a dish, or serving a meal is one of the best ways to show genuine kindness and bring people together.

Many of you may know that I have a true passion for cooking and loved creating meal plans for past personal training clients when I spent my waking hours in the gym. Eating healthy is KEY in overall happiness and promotes good health. To start, you have to eat fresh food. In every recipe that will be posted here, I will always emphasize using farm-grown or organic ingredients. We all have to indulge from time to time so not all recipes may be ones to try everyday, but ones that may be eaten as a treat once a week or on a Sunday with family gathered around the wooden farm table.

Here's our first recipe for our Sprouted Sprig family's blog, Happy Little Seed... One of my favorites I just made this past Sunday. The last step is to add in your fresh blueberries as the pancakes are sizzling (if you prefer them without, you can always add some dark chocolate organic chips or flax seed). Enjoy!

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