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Be a Chicken

When I began brainstorming coming up with a new post for our Happy Little Seed blog, I kept going back and forth with a title and topic. The title itself today might be deceiving but that's the point....I promise it makes sense, you just have to read until the end.

Be a Chicken!

When we hear the label of being called a chicken we typically focus on it being negative or something we DON'T want to be called. But...why?

Let's take a hop on a figurative sparkly time machine and travel back to the 1600's (yeah, that long ago, poor chickens). Time to put on some linen, boots and a lace collar. Here's a little bit of history which is the tiny moment of bore in this overall thrilling little post:

The word "chicken" became synonymous with being weak or scared around the era when William Shakespeare was in his prime. We can look back on the moment when performer and comic dancer William Kempe (who was a famous actor for Shakespeare at this time) said...

"It did him good to have ill words of a hoddy doddy! A hebber de hoy! A chicken!" -William Kempe, Nine Days Wonder (1600)

Poor chickens have had a negative label slapped on their fluffy little egg-laying bodies since 1600! Talk about being classified in a demoralizing way, sheesh! That puts a lot into perspective when we reflect on our human labels we may place on others when passing judgment. Are chickens truly, scared and weak? I think not! In fact I believe they're quite intelligent and in a more recent Instagram post, you can see why I think so (this is when you go look).

All of this crazy jabbering regarding chickens leads me to my main point to reflect on. This is the juicy, feel-good moment where you sit there and think how great you can be this week when you focus on the "little chickens" of the world..

We often judge others before we get to know them or define character by outside appearance. How often can you think that you've done this exact thing or thought this way? I often have and don't realize it. We don't get to know a person because of a label we've placed on him or her and we move on assuming they are the way we deem them. It's pretty terrible when you think about it. In our societies we do this and live another day and don't think back. She's just different than me because she dyes her hair. He dresses in a way that makes him act a certain way. We like to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals but how can we do that if we truly don't dig deep enough and move past these outward stereotypes we create in our heads? It's so important to our overall happiness to interact positively whether you're an introvert or extrovert (we just socialize differently) and the way we do that is by learning from others and getting to know them underneath the exterior. My challenge for you this week is to strike up a conversation (or join in on a conversation) with someone you usually wouldn't and get to know him or her. Go out of your comfort zone and just ask an open-ended question, one that requires more than just a "yes" or "no". Not only will you start to get to know someone beyond their outward appearance or label, you will bring happiness to this person letting them know you care. It also shows you don't assume they're "chicken", even if they are indeed a chicken.

I always circle back to the same idea in every post I make regarding life, love and overall well-being....

It's all about planting a seed.

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