It started with a small tiny little seed.....

Let’s begin with the obvious. We love bringing joy to the lives of others. In fact, it’s what gives us joy, and why we are here. What better way to make others smile than through down-to-earth stories, advice, recipes and style? You name what makes you feel happy and it’s here. Genuine, kind and gritty. The kind of ‘stuff’ you were raised on. You could say that ‘Happy Little Seed’, is a go-to when you’re feeling up or down for anything and everything happy. It’s table manners mixed with sparkle with a little dirt under your fingernails. No plastic, only splintering hardwood pine. It’s real. 

If we have caught your attention, keep reading. 

Christina Sabo is a blogger, fitness trainer and boutique owner who founded ‘Happy Little Seed’ and ‘The Sprouted Sprig Boutique’. The idea came about after many years of searching for the perfect way to make others ultimately happy and to spread joy genuinely. Her boutique features locally sourced products and fashion made in the USA from small communities to big cities throughout the United States. Everything and anything you find when visiting is made with heart and soul, and lots of grit- just like this blog. It’s real. 

We are so glad you are here.